Free Digital Notebook for Download!

Hi everyone!

First, I need to apologize for being scarce. Unfortunately, I let myself get into a funk because of all of the bad news and virus stuff lately. It kinda zapped me as I’m sure many of you as well. I did manage to keep working on products and freebies. I want to share a freebie today! A free digital notebook for Goodnotes(or your favorite note-taking app). Read on for the download info! It’s a free digital notebook for you!

Have you heard the buzz about digital planners?! If you haven’t tried it yet here’s your chance for FREE. The Watermelon Digital Notebook contains 9 blank sections for your note taking needs. The notebook is in Goodnotes format and also has the PDF file available if you use a different note-taking app. You will need an iPad or tablet and a stylus to use the notebook.

Simply click the image above and subscribe to my newsletter(I’m revamping it so it might be a little bit before you receive anything), and you will automatically download the notebook!

Enjoy and be sure to visit my Etsy Shop for more digital planners, notebooks, printables, and digital stickers!

Also, A Quirky Crafter is going through a little change. I’m in the process of refreshing my brand colors and logo! Since I started this blog I’ve narrowed down my niche to printables, digital planners, and crafts. I will still share recipes and such but printables, planners and crafts will be my main focus.

I hope you stick around to see the new look and hang with me. I realize this has been a very trying year so far but in my heart I feel things will start to look brighter soon.

Love and blessings to all!


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