Depression and anxiety through the pandemic

It’s been a while….it’s been a while since I’ve had motivation. I know this year has been trying and difficult as heck for everyone. As someone who suffers from clinical depression, severe anxiety, among other things I’ve unfortunately let it get the best of me.

One of the reasons I even started this blog was to encourage others to find ways to cope with mental illness through creativity. And it’s embarrassing for me to say I’m not coping very well at all.

It’s so hard being unable to do what we used to do without batting an eye. The masks I simply cannot wear, from PTSD through being almost suffocated, plus asthma along with the anxiety it’s just not something I can tolerate. I’m sure I’m not alone in this struggle. So, I stay out of places, I order groceries and household essentials to be picked up curbside. And utilize drive thru fast food on occasion. I haven’t been out to eat with the family since March. I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling out of touch with humanity.

How are you dealing with this difficult time? It’s something I never thought would happen and I’m sure a lot of others didn’t either.

I went from feeling confident again to feeling so incompetent. My newly remodeled craftroom/office is a disaster. Unopened, new supplies that should bring joy and excitement are sitting in piles. It’s a sad situation.

And then I think of those who have lost loved ones, and the elderly in nursing homes who are unable to see family. I’m an empath so I feel that in my heart and soul.

What I’m hoping by getting all of this out, unfiltered, and raw, is to boost myself into coming out of this depression. It’s been a year and a half since I hit rock bottom, I really don’t want to get back there again.

If you, too, are suffering and feeling alone, isolated, and depressed please don’t hesitate to reach out. I truly believe getting it out to someone who can listen and cares helps.

Much love, prayers and healing thoughts for you and those you love. Blessings and take care!

PS I do have projects coming up, new printables, new items for my Etsy shop, and hopefully, a review and video of the new Cricut Foil Transfer Kit will be up very soon.

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