How About Some Sunflowers & Sunshine?!

Could you use a little more sunshine and sunflowers? Sunflowers are such a beautiful flower and DesignBundles has a new bundle in the shop. Only $5.00 for 30 designs! And they are all gorgeous and versatile. So much to do with these.

I especially love this design.

You can find this awesome bundle at Design Bundles I see several new wood signs in my future! I enjoy making reclaimed wood signs but haven’t done any in about a year. I even make a little frame to go around them. This set has inspired me to get my tools out to play! Is that something any of y’all do? How about reversed canvases? I tried that one time but had an awful time taking it apart so I gave up. I’m thinking I should try again, guess I’ll watch some YouTube videos on making them.

Who else turns to YouTube to learn new things? It amazes me how much content there is, and lots of it is very helpful. I learned how to trim goat hooves, how to remove botflies (yuck), how to use new to me features in Photoshop, and even how to create digital watercolor flowers in Procreate by following Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Lol, after I initialed my art I realized I had it upside-down but I was happy with it so I didn’t fix it. Makes me giggle.

That’s the one bright side of quarantine that I’ve found, lots of time for me to learn new things. I don’t work outside the home though, if I did I would be in healthcare as a medical assistant and while I admire greatly those who do it honestly scares me right now to think about it. Plus, I really enjoy what I’m doing now. Blogging is a great outlet along with crafts and graphic design. One big down side to quarantine is I had lost 20 pounds over a few months time and I’ve gained 10 back, oops. Way too much cooking going on here, lol.

Y’all have a great day!


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