Beautiful Rainbow Digital Notebook with Bonus Stickers!

Introducing the Rainbow Digital Notebook with bonus digital stickers! Not only is it pretty it’s a great value at $5.99! These are Goodnote files but you can use them with your favorite note taking app. The tabs are hyperlinked to each section. The front cover is hyperlinked to the table of contents by clicking on the snap on the closure. On the inside tabs the Home tab will take you back to the cover.

Rainbow Notebook Stickers

This notebook includes a front cover, 13 dividers, there are 6 page templates included: blank, lined, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, 1/4 dots, and 1/2 dots.

Each divider has 1 blank page to keep the file size down, you can add as many as you wish using the included page templates.

Sections include:

Table of contents with 10 blank sections for you to use as desired.
Page template section is tabbed with a pencil icon.
Stickers section is tabbed with a star icon.
Extras section is for additional stickers or other items.
Sections 1-10 are blank for you to use as needed.

All sections are hyperlinked.

Rainbow Notebook inside

Included as a bonus are 43 digital stickers to embellish your notebook as you like.

This is a digital notebook and stickers that will be available for download as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Be watching for additional page templates and planner inserts in my shop!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please remember this product is for your personal use only.

Have a wonderful day and happy planning!


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