New Today! Quirky Blooms Digital Planner with Free Stickers

Got plans? I have just what you need to organize them and so much more! Brand new today is the Quirky Blooms Yearly Undated Digital Planner for Goodnotes or your favorite note taking app.

I had a blast putting this one together. I found the floral clipart and patterns in a designer resource shop and felt like they were just the perfect fit. Saves a lot of time drawing, too! I especially like making the stickers, I made these to look like acrylic stickers by using a style in Photoshop. Too fun! I didn’t decorate with any embellishments in the planner, I think it’s more fun for the user to do it to their tastes.



This digital planner is a yearly, undated one. The cover is purple with blue zigzags, the inside dividers have multiple fun & colorful patterns. It includes 10 dividers for 10 sections. There is a yearly page with room to write in important info for each month. The yearly page includes hyperlinks to each month. Be sure to copy the yearly page in case you want to use the planner another year.

The weekly section has 5 undated pages which you can copy as many times as you need. The daily section has 7 pages, copy as many times as needed. The monthly section has all 12 monthly pages, again, be sure to copy each month in case you want to use the planner another year.

The habits section has 5 pages, these are left for you to fill in with whatever habit you need to track. Copy more as needed. The health section has 5 pages with each day of the week, and columns for tracking meals, exercise, vitamins, and water. Copy as needed.

The money section has 3 each of monthly budget trackers, revenue trackers, and expense trackers. These may also be copied as needed. The goals section has 5 pages each of Goals Planner, and My Goals. The notes section has 5 pages of lined and 5 pages of boxes to keep track of anything you need.

The lists section has several types of lists including: Jot Your List, Birthday List, Reading List, Movies to Watch, Password List, Contact List, My Wish List, Grocery List, Bucket List, and one blank lined check off page that you can use to list whatever you like and copy as needed.

The back cover has a hyperlink to the front cover at the bottom right corner of the spine. The front cover is hyperlinked to open the book by clicking on the snap on the closure.

All together there are 99 pages plus front and back covers.

BONUS** Also included are 25 digital planner stickers, most of these are acrylic style except for the borders.

You can purchase your copy in my Etsy shop HERE. For only $7+bonus stickers. It’s a planner you can use over and over again as long as you make a copy to save.

I would love to see any spreads you’d like to share. Also, if anyone has any request or suggestions for additional pages or other types of digital planners I’d love to hear them!

Have a wonderful day!


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