14 Of The Sweetest Romantic Ways To Show Your Love On Valentine's Day

14 sweet ways to show love on Valentine's Day

Hi everyone! I’m not sure what I like most about Valentine’s Day, the feeling of love in the air? The chocolate? Pretty flowers, no roses for me, I prefer wild flowers, daisies, carnations something delicate and pretty. Although, with my darned allergies I really prefer a cute teddy bear or artificial flowers. Oh, and chocolate? Did I forget to mention chocolate?!

I love the pretty decorations, just everything about the whole month feels special. My hubby and I don’t really do anything special for Valentine’s Day anymore. It’s kinda sad I guess because we used to leave little love notes for each other all through the year. We’ve apparently gotten lazy about it. I’d like to change that because I really miss leaving little surprises and I sure miss getting them. We’ve never been ones to do elaborate shows of affection. No huge gifts of fancy jewelry or luxurious items. I prefer subtle jewelry and we usually pick it out together and usually not even around a holiday. I love little gifts that say ‘hey, I love you and I thought of you when I saw this’. That, to me, means so much more than dropping a lot of money on a fancy ring or pair of earrings just because it’s a special holiday. Not that I knock those that do, heck, if we could afford it I might change my tune!

Ha, John, my hubby, loves pickles, olives, summer sausage, Reese’s, popcorn and so much other stuff. He’s Type 2 diabetic now though so not too many Reese’s! This past Christmas me and our daughter, Amanda, were in Tractor Supply and found a very large, single packed pickle. That thing didn’t last long, oh, and a jar of garlic stuffed olives from Walmart, and garlic summer sausage from Rural King. That’s my man, pretty easy to please most of the time.

on to the 14 sweetest ways to show your love on valentine’s day!

My favorite Valentine’s Night tradition has become staying in. Just think of the possibilities ;). The night doesn’t have to be elaborate. Put the kids to bed early and have a special night at home with your Valentine, or heck, beg the in-laws or a friend to keep the littles for the night….or, if you’re like us your ‘kids’ are adults living at home…sometimes kinda awkward but it works for us. Check out 14 of the sweetest ways to show love below!

here it is in list form

Heart shaped pizza by Melo-drama

Herb lovers oven fries, you might even want to try the steak dinner! by The Fit Fork

Peanut butter heart shaped cookies by The SemiSweet Sisters

Adult couple dice game by The Dating Divas

Bathroom Decor Ideas by The Digs Digs

14 Days of Valentine Day free printables by Mommy By Day Crafter By Night

Record a sweet video of yourself telling the story of how you met and share it with your honey. For me it would go like, “sophomore year of high school circa 1983, in January, I ran into you at the local arcade(Spaceway). I was outside with my bestie at the time who you knew and we made eye contact. For me it was instant love, totally not kidding. And then you let me wear your flannel shirt because it was kinda nippy out. I was sorta dating another guy (one date lol). I was 15 and you were 17….36 years later this January 21st the story continues.

Leave sweet notes on the bathroom mirror by Blessed Simplicity

Valentine’s Day Date Night Conversation Starters. Light some candles, hold hands, and just talk. via About A Mom.

Dance! Put on some soft music and candlelight and dance around the living room.

Cook a meal together, such as, Maple Roasted Chicken Dinner for Two by Chocolate Moosey.

Movie Night at Home Ideas at home via smartpartyplanning.com

Vacay Plans for later. Plan a vacation to take during the year even just a weekend trip. Something to look forward to…maybe for your anniversary?

Assemble a gift basket of each other’s favorite treats and share those while playing a game. Perhaps try dirty word or sexy word Scrabble? Just use sexy words or dirty words, such as: butt(buttocks), breast, you get the idea, right?! And maybe make it even naughtier by having to show the corresponding body part when applicable?

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