A Fabulous New Computer Is On the Way!

Merry Christmas to me and A Quirky Crafter! An updated system is long overdue. I usually stick with HP but I have researched for months and this Acer Aspire has all I need to be happy. I’m sure I’ll add an external HD and possibly more memory down the road but for now this looks perfect for me. I mostly do blogging, graphic design, email, just basic stuff…no gaming. Hopefully, when this machine gets here I won’t be facing the yucky black screens and losing my work.

Did you know Amazon offers a payment plan on certain items?! I just found out. I don’t do credit cards, just debit. And this time of year is kinda a bad time for a ‘large’ to me purchase. Amazon took the worry away! I had no idea!!!! Yes, sorry for the extra exclamations, but I’m so excited. Otherwise, I would’ve had to wait til tax time to order my new computer. Amazon offers a no extra charge, autopay split payment, I pay part when it ships and the rest comes out automatically from my debit card the same day each month for a total of 5 payments. No interest or extra fees. To me that’s amazing and so very welcome. Thanks Amazon 🙂

Just thought I’d share in case y’all didn’t know. This made our Christmas a lot nicer lol.

xoxo~Dawn|A Quirky Crafter

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