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Hello to my fellow Creative Quirks!

I recently wrote a post about dealing with ‘Creative Depression’, not to make light of being depressed, it’s just something I call myself (Creatively Depressed). I’m happy to say I’m not feeling too depressed since I started my new blog. The journal I’m featuring here is Scribbles That Matter. It’s perfect for journaling and mood tracking.

In the aforementioned post I wrote about things I do to help my symptoms. One is journaling, I listed some items I use to express my thoughts. One of my favorites is this Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal, I have it in pink and I ordered a new one to share with y’all.

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I have this exact one as my personal journal but decided to order a new one so that I can share with y’all some spreads and such as I fill it up in 2020. (please forgive my poor photography, I’m using my iPhone and can’t find my tripod for it)

Check out this wonderful cover! I love it, it’s faux leather and has wonderful embossed icons. It’s so nice! Scribbles That Matter embossed cover

I really appreciate the nice touches, the pen holder is very secure with a rivet on the back cover. The pages are nice and thick, plus there’s a pen test page near the back cover so that you can check to bleed through! It’s a nice dotted journal which I love, it makes it so easy to add a bulleted list.

If you use this journal or order one I would absolutely love to see your spreads. I love doodles, lettering, and all the fun stuff we can do with pens and markers.

If you aren’t into journaling perhaps you know someone who is, I bet you or they would love to find this under the tree this Christmas (or anytime)! I highly recommend the Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal, it comes in several covers and includes a nice cardboard sleeve to store it.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Bullet Journal I've Found..

  1. Hey Dawn,

    Thank you so much for choosing us as your favourite journal brand. To be honest, we take no credit because its all because of our amazing community that we are able to make what you guys love. All the very best for 2020 🙂

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