Baaaahaa…It’s Twins!

It’s a wonderful day here at A Quirky Crafter! Our little hobby farm resident Nigerian Pygmy mama goat, Kelly Gail gifted us with tricolor twins!

This literally, just happened about 2 hours ago! We knew it was coming but Kelly Gail has a way of surprising us each year lol. We’ll have to use heat lamps in the barn for a few nights because it’s gonna be pretty cold at night, but they should be fine. Kelly Gail is a wonderful mama!

I just had to share today’s blessings. I’ll have many more pictures to come I’m sure. I’m a proud goat grandma. Last Spring we had 3 sets of twins all about the same time. You talk about a fun time, it was very lively around the goat yard then. This year we only have Kelly Gail and her Little Bill hubby and a cute little wether (neutered billy) named Tigger to keep her company. Hmm….ooh, I gotta come up with names for these newbies!

Have a great afternoon everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Baaaahaa…It’s Twins!

  1. Awww, your kids are so cute! I had goats growing up– I milked them, and I talked goat to them….. If you need ideas for names we had goats named Cupcake, Cookie, Violet (she was the mean one), Princess, Prince…. and I like flower names like Daisy, and gem names like Pearl…. oh I’m full of ideas!

    It’s nice to meet you. I don’t know many craft bloggers so I hope to meet more.

    Liberty from

    1. Aww, thank you! I think goats are one of the most fun animals to watch. Great name suggestions! We did have a nanny named Annie Pearl for a while, she was kinda grayish silver so the name fit. Luckily, we’ve not yet had a mean one.
      Have a lovely day!

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