Be Proactive with Your Care for Mental Health!

I saw my primary care provider this past Friday, actually, not my usual one as she was out last week. I needed refills that somehow I let run out. It was all good, I saw the fill in and she sent my refills to the pharmacy. I had enough for Friday night so I decided to wait until Saturday to pick them up. Very bad decision. I went to the pharmacy Saturday and got the meds, but never thought to open the bag! Yup, it wasn’t until the pharmacy was closed that I realized the most crucial one wasn’t in the bag.

I kinda brushed it off, it surely would be ok to be without until Monday, right? WRONG! Sunday I could already tell I was more anxious, every little thing was bugging me. Plus, I barely slept Saturday night. I got through the weekend, but hardly slept at all and by Monday morning I was a mess, headache, heart racing, sweats, I felt awful. Just from missing 2 doses!

I haven’t felt that bad since a couple of months after my last hospital stay. I learned my lesson. I will be monitoring when my refills are due and when I pick up meds I’ll be sure to make sure they are all there. After all of that turmoil I went through in 2018-2019 I never want to get to that point again. This little set back was close enough.

We’ve gotta stay on top of our own health care. Mental and physical. Don’t let appointments, refills, etc slide by. Your health is too important to ignore.

I’m sure in a couple of days I will be back to my more recent happy & energetic but ugh, I sure hated this back sliding no matter how short lived.

Take care of yourselves! We can be our own best friends or our own worst enemies. I’d rather by my own best friend 😉


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