Must Have Accessories for Animal Loving Gals (like me)

I was recently in a local gift shop that carries unique items I was in the shop for about 1 minute before I zeroed in on a unique-to-me line of handbags and keyfobs. These are must have accessories for an animal loving gal (like me). The brand is Chala and although I’m not affiliated with them I wanted to lead you to the site which is wholesale only but if you don’t shop Amazon you might find a local shop that carries their very cute stuff.

Check below for some of their brand which I seriously love! There are many other options but these are some of my favorites.

I won’t bore you with a long post, but I’m extremely impressed with the quality of their products. I got myself a goat key fob and my daughter a cute convertible crossbody with a llama and a llama key fob. I’m telling ya, their stuff is so-freakin-cute and very nice.

I’m kinda addicted to goats as you can see……lol…, and bunnies, kitties, chickens, dogs. Ok, I admit it I’m a total animal lover 🙂

I hope y’all like my goat pics, ignore my yucky farm hair lol. If you’re a fellow animal lover or farm girl please drop me a comment I’d love to hear about your life! And, if you are an animal loving gal and you get yourself one of the cute must have accessories shown above share with me which one(or three) you got!


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