My First Digital Planner Sticker Book!

It’s finally launched! My first digital planner sticker book and stickers. All hyperlinked and pretty. I love it! Take a peek below 🙂 The front cover is not shown but it’s the pretty floral pattern in the color shown below, with a stitched look and a title with “My Digital Sticker Book”. As of now it’s available on Etsy but I hope to have a way to purchase on my site before too long!

The book plate and the Index. The index is hyperlinked and the categories, except for Notes and Misc are left blank so that you can organize however you like!

The die-cut style stickers are pre-cropped and ready for use in Goodnote or Notability on your iPad or tablet.
And the basic stickers!
The colored icons are also pre-cropped and ready!
And finally the washi tape.

There are over 160 digital stickers included with plenty of room for lots more. Each tabbed section, including notes and misc, have 5 pages each. Plus, you can easily add more in GoodNote.

I’m so excited after working on this for quite some time, I have taken several courses and learned so much about the process. It was lots of trial and error but so much fun!

Stay tuned, I will be doing more sticker packs, and I do have an actual digital planner in the works!

Take care and stay healthy,


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