A Free Procreate Brush for You!

If you’ve followed me a while you probably already know I love graphic design and technology. I got my first iPad this past Summer and one of the first things I did was look for graphic design apps, coloring apps, drawing, etc. There was this little(not so little) app called Procreate. I read about it and thought I really needed it. At $9.99 it wasn’t a huge investment so why not?!

Well, that ‘little’ app is a very powerful bunch of tools for artists, creative letterers’, graphic designers, etc. I downloaded it and started playing. Next thing I knew I was buying extra brushes, swatches, and piddling around. Everyday I find something I didn’t know about before. So today, I found a class at Skillshare on how to create your own brushes in Procreate. The class is less than an hour long but I already created my first brush! And I’m offering it free to my readers. If you’d like to learn things such as this head over to Skillshare using my link and you can take classes for 2 months FREE. No strings attached. If you don’t want to keep it after 2 months simply cancel.

As promised here is my first attempt at creating a brush. This one I named Quirky Dots. It changes colors with different pressures and pen angles. I think it’s pretty cool. Click ‘download’ below the image to grab it!

I hope you enjoy, I will definitely be making more as I learn.

Stay in, stay healthy, stay creative!


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