The 10 Best Lettering Artists on Instagram!

Hellooooo everyone!

I pray all is well in your lives. It’s a hard time for sure. It’s important to keep busy during this tumultuous time. It’s amazing how creating and learning can help. Keeping the mind occupied and active is so therapeutic!

What ya been up to? I’ve been keeping busy on Creative Bug and Skillshare. Both are amazing places to learn new crafts and hone ones you are already familiar with. With Creative Bug if you use my link you can get 2 months of free access to tons of creative classes, what better way to spend our time on lockdown?! Also there’s Skillshare and while I’m not an official affiliate you can receive 2 free months through my link. I’ve been learning more about creative lettering in Procreate and creating digital planners.

The 10 Best Lettering Artists on Instagram:

(in my opinion lol) There are many, many others just as talented and I’m finding more all the time! I love to look on YouTube, the videos make it look so much easier than I find it to be. It was super hard to only pick 10. The more I look around the more I find and love! Check them out, you won’t be sorry!

In no certain order:

  • I Am Gia Graham She’s a designer, Skillshare instructor, letterer, and illustrator. Her lettering skills are amazing and the fact she’s willing to help others learn is so cool!
  • Dawn Nicole, one of the first creative lettering artists I discovered when I got my iPad and downloaded Procreate. Dawn is great at sharing her talents and makes amazing Procreate brushes. Her videos are fantastic and she makes lettering practice sheets to share.
  • Holly Pixels Holly is not only a fantastic lettering artist, she also designs digital planners, stickers, and so much more. She has a great YouTube channel!
  • Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush! I discovered her while partaking of a week of Procreate lessons at Design Cuts. Lisa is soooo talented and just a joy to watch. She’s very informative and her Procreate brushes are so good.
  • Lisa Funk of Hand Lettered Design. Lisa has a great talent, and she’s very inspirational. Her Instagram feed is soooo uplifting and beautiful!
  • Karin Newport of ipadlettering. She has tutorials, reviews, and so much more. I love her style.
  • Letters Of Me I just love her style. She has great sense of color and what a beautiful Instagram board!
  • Jillian & Jordan of loveleighloops . Jillian and Jordan are twins, and share amazing talents. I got to watch them at the Design Cuts week of free tutorials and I’m so glad I did. Check out their Instagram, you will be so happy you did!
  • Liz Kohler Brown, I’ve taken several of her courses on Skillshare. She is an artist whose illustrations I admire and her lettering skills are phenomenal! She also happens to teach how to make digital planners and such which is fast becoming a hobby of mine. I hope to have my first digital sticker book done in the next week!
  • Hannah Grace Cohen I stumbled upon her Instagram feed and was an immediate fan. Not only is she extremely talented but her IG feed is so freakin’ pretty!

Show Me Your Favorite Lettering Artists!

I’m always looking for inspiration. There are so many talented artists out there. I’ve barely touched the surface.

I’d also love to see any projects you do while on ‘lockdown’. Comment here with a link.

Here’s one I did this morning using Procreate on my iPad with my trusty Apple Pencil and some really cool drop shadow brushes for Procreate by My Fancy Design Shop on Etsy. The spatters were made with the spraypaint brushes that come with Procreate. My little creation is not even close to the great art by the professional lettering artists but I have fun playing!

Take care dear people.


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