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Hey everyone! I pray everyone is doing well through this very difficult time. It’s been a little less than a month for us being pretty much locked down. My daughter, Amanda, and I go as far as to get food, meds, pet food, goat food, and that’s it. I don’t even want to go anywhere which is so not like me, I usually have lunch with a group of ladies at our Elks lodge but of course it’s shut down as well.

John, my husband, just got word that his machine shop will mostly likely shut down in the next week or so. That’s pretty scary, we can’t lose our insurance, but from what I understand we’ll be ok and can keep it.

I wanted to create a little something for those of us that are locked in…something to do, I chose a coloring book because it really is very relaxing. It’s in pdf format you can print it or color with your iPad or tablet. I’ll post the a few of the images that are in it below. I put quotes in half of the pages but also included just the floral images so that you can add your own quotes or creative lettering. If you need a different file format let me know! Download instructions below images.

There are more images in the download, I didn’t wanna bog down the post for ya. Click the pink graphic above to be taken to the download. I originally was going to do it as an opt-in for new newsletter subscribers but that seemed a little wrong at this time in our lives. So just enjoy. If you feel inclined to subscribe please do —> HERE! I don’t send out over 1 a month unless there’s something extra special going on.

God bless you all and if you ever need someone to listen please reach out, I listen with no judgment.


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